A high end headphone amplifier designed for the highest quality music reproduction with the minimum of distortion. An essential part of any good sounding headphones is the amplifiier that is driving them. Being capable of driving a wide range of headphones it will give you the best advantage in listening pleasure.

Uses only the finest audiophile quality components that have been carefully selected with no expense spared. Uses a National Semiconductors LME49710HA operation amplifier for its ultra low distortion. Carbon composite resistors used throguhout. High Qualtiy Evox Rifa, Wima, Elna Cerafine capacitors used.

Housed in a black anodised aluminium enclosure with a heavy duty clear anodised front panel. A chunky 40mm diameter machined knob with an audio grade ALP's volume potentiometer. An high quality built in dual rail power supply using a ultra low noise torodial transformer and a very generous amount of post and pre regulation smoothing capacitance.

Dimensions: 110 Width, 63 Height, 168 Depth
Frequency Response: 9Hz - 250KHz (-1db)
Headphone Impedance Range: 10 - 1000 ohms
Maximum Output Power Vs Impedance: 150mW @ 20 ohms
205mW @ 50 ohms
208mW @ 100 ohms
144mW @ 250 ohms
88mW @ 500 ohms
Input Impedance 50k ohms
Total Harmonic Distortion <0.001% @ 1KHz
Power Consumption 7W @ 240VAC
Operation Amplifiers: LME49710HA in a screened TO99 Can
Volume Potentiometer: Alps RK27 also known as blue velvet
Resistors: Carbon Composite
Input Coupling Capacitor: Evox Rifa MMK5
Output Coupling Capacitor: Elna Cerafine ROA
Feedback Grounding Capacitor: Panasonic ECA + Evox Rifa PFR5
Decoupling Capacitor: Wima MKS2
PSU Pre-Regulator Capacitor: Panasonic FC
PSU Post-Regulator Capacitor: Rubycon ZLH
Transformer: Nuvotem Low Noise Toroidal